BTR 2022 have teamed up with award winning Bangor delicatessen and café The Guillemot

Posted: 19/4/2022

They will provide all your food requirements on and off the water during the regatta.

Taking its name from the resident seabirds at Bangor’s Eisenhower Pier, The Guillemot Café has now become an iconic and much-loved part of this beautiful seaside town.

The Guillemot serves delicious home cooking with a trademark twist. Famous breakfasts, boozy brunches and hearty lunches. Their ethos is simple: to provide delicious food, great service and quality products to our customers, whilst being mindful of our environmental impact.

We are delighted that the Guillemot will offer

  • Breakfast in the morning at Bangor Marina 8am – 10am
  • Lunches pre ordered and ready for pick up from the marina as you go down to your boat!
  • All your bottled water needs
  • After sailing food court in Bangor Marina 4 - 6.30pm

Click here to order. Don’t miss this – they are fabulous!


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